Square Pendant Charm Quartz over Ruby Sterling Silver
CODE: Gerochristo 1587
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Parthenon Greek Jewelry
Greek handmade, Gerochristo Sterling Silver 925 square pendant charm Quartz over ruby doublet cocjtail 
This gorgeous Earrings is from our Doublet Stones Earrings Collection.
Code Number: 1587
Metal: Sterling Silver 925
The Earrings is approx 1&1/8inch long and 3/4inch wide to 3.00cm long and 1.80cm wide
Stone(s): Quartz over Rubies Doublet Cocktail 14x14mm
Stones be available prehnite, malachite,amazonite, lapis or apatite
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Notice: This is a handmade item and may require time to make. Size and weight might vary as well. Please understand the timeframe involved  

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